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"Speaking the language of possibility"

International Motivational Speaker - Performance Coach - Growth Catalyst
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Simerjeet Singh is a dynamic motivational speaker and performance coach who has fuelled positive change for international audiences from students to business leaders. Simerjeet is known for creating interactive programs that engage his audience and invite them to be active participants in their own success. By inviting Simerjeet to work with your organisation you commit to open a candid conversation that answers the question, what can I do today to take responsibility for my own success?

My Story

“I believe that success is finding our purpose, and then designing a life that embraces it.”
My Story
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Simerjeet’s audiences have been as diverse as his own life experiences. No matter whether he is fostering self-realization among student groups or opening a dialogue about company-wide obstacles to growth, Simerjeet often stresses the importance of living a purpose-driven life—a lesson he learned firsthand. In leading international teams and collaborating with individuals across cultures, Simerjeet learned an important lesson: his purpose was directly linked to inspiring others to find their own.

Diverse Life Experiences. Diverse Audiences.

Whether your goal is to re-invigorate your business, empower your students or unlock your potential, Simerjeet can give you the tools you need to make your goals a reality.

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Simerjeet has worked with clients from his native India to Dubai, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the UK. He creates keynote speeches, hands-on workshops and a variety of custom programs, from team building retreats to Leadership Development Programs. Regardless of the event, his first step is always the same: learning about his audience—what drives them and what challenges them—and designing the ideal program to meet their objectives.

Global Citizen and Proud Indian

“With each new city I visit and each new face I meet, I see an opportunity to learn something that makes me a little better than I was yesterday.”

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To attend a program led by Simerjeet isn’t to sit in a lecture hall, but rather to enter into a conversation that prompts you to answer the question, how can I identify my strengths and harness their power to achieve my verison of success?

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