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"The motivational workshops and keynotes delivered by Mr. Simerjeet Singh in Hindi for our team in Goa were absolutely inspirational and well connected to our need. He has taken all the critical issues in a very simple and effective manner. I must say that the flow was superb and it touched their hearts. Change is not an easy task but this session has helped to ignite that fire to think on those lines. Whole session was very interesting and kept them involved in soul searching. I'm very impressed and happy to get immense value out of the investment made."
eric Mukesh Patney
Business Head, The Himalaya Drug Company, Bangalore, India.

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What is it that you look for when choosing a motivational speaker to address your employees?

Most companies choose 'connection' - that tug of emotional connect that strikes the audience when a motivational speaker is addressing them.

Some jokes and entendres are better expressed in the local language. Simerjeet Singh wears many a hat and Hindi motivational speaker is but one of them. Indian at heart, yet a global citizen is what best describes him. Simerjeet travels the world, giving keynote speeches, inspirational talks and leading workshops across businesses and organisations alike. India is Simerjeet's home, and he serves the world from his base in India.

Simerjeet's quality of tailoring his speeches to the sensibilities of his audience comes from the vast experience he gained working with people from diverse cultures. This imbibed in him, a cultural sensibility which enables him to understand the nuances that make up a nation.

Having been born and brought up in India, as a Hindi motivational speaker, Simerjeet knows the line and recognises how to put across sensitive matters in a way that touches the audience.
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"We had Simerjeet Singh twice as a keynote motivational speaker for our team as well as our customers. He is an excellent speaker, has creative ideas and keeps the audience very much engaged. His sessions are full of fun and team building activities."
eric Surender Roperia
Country Agronomist & Product Development Manager Mosaic India Pvt. Ltd Gurgaon.
Simerjeet deeply understands the country, his countrymen, their dreams, aspirations, problems, frustrations, ambitions and apprehensions, weaving each of these in his Hindi speeches and workshops to address what matters the most to his countrymen. He believes in adding to the personality of his audience, as compared to idle speeches that just address the essentials and leave the rest to be desired. Companies engage Simerjeet for their conferences, strategic meets, workshops, employee engagement activities and events to inspire people to do better work than what they have done in the past.
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(on topics such as Youth Issues, Education, Social Change, Leading a balanced life and Self Motivation etc)

"Simerjeet's session 'Winning with Teamwork' was highly energetic, crisply put the relevant message across and was well received by the entire group. Simerjeet has the ability to bring an instant dose of energy into the room from the word go, keeps people on their toes physically and mentally. The exercises and visuals are very relevant and people are able to relate it back to their work experiences. A highly recommended program"
eric Fakhruddin Bandukwala
General Manager - IT at Tata Communications Limited, Mumbai.
Simerjeet's Hindi speeches ensure that his audience recognises themselves in the narratives. Not only are his Hindi speeches "saral" and awe-inspiring, they tend to make a home in the hearts of the audience. So, if you are looking to conduct an event and need a keynote speaker who can converse with your audience in Hindi (or Hinglish) and convey global ideas in the local lingo, then you are at the right place.
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(on topics such as Youth Issues, Education, Social Change, Leading a balanced life and Self Motivation etc)


Some of Simerjeet's recent speaking engagements in Hindi:

  • -Keynote Motivational Speaker for Vodafone Strategy Meeting, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
  • -Inspirational Speaker for Ruchi Group's, 59th Foundation Day Celebrations at DAVV Auditorium, Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
  • -Sales Motivational Speaker for Himalaya Herbals Annual Sales Meeting in Goa in 2012 and 2014.
  • -Motivational Talks for HP Indigo Channel Partners Meets in Kochi, Patna, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kanpur, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Ooty and Pattaya.
  • -Motivational Workshops for Monnet Ispat Raipur, Chattisgarh.
  • -Keynote Speaker for OCL Konark Cement, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa Mosaic India, Dealer Meet at Pushkar, Rajashthan.
  • -Motivational Speaker at Madhyam Buildtech's Annual Awards Ceremony in Faridabad, NCR.
  • -Self-Leadership Workshop for Texmo Pipes Limited, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh.
  • -Dealer Development Workshops for Tata Motors at Kanatal, Uttrakhand and Shimla in partnership with Travel Masti, New Delhi.

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