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Perhaps Nelson Mandela said it best: "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." In order to change the world, young minds of today first must believe that they can, and our education systems must enable them to do so.

When CEOs were asked to cite the top 3 leadership skills required to succeed in an increasingly complex global environment, they said creativity, integrity and global thinking; yet existing education systems, resources and prevailing mindsets are not centred on cultivating these qualities in students. As the world evolves, with a wealth of information and opportunities readily accessible across the internet and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the rise, it is time our classrooms evolve as well.

My mission is to enable students to get in touch with their inner strengths and use them as building blocks for a successful future. And I believe the best way to achieve that mission is to join forces with like-minded parents and educators who know that in order to demand the best from our youth, we must also demand the best from our school systems.

I seek to foster increased engagement among students, parents, teachers and policy makers to not only help youth achieve their highest potential, but also to raise the happiness and fulfilment index. I seek to open a dialogue that challenges the status quo and answers the question "what can we do to ensure our education system prepares youth to flourish inside and outside of the classroom?"

I find the most rewarding part of working with students is the knowledge that a minor shift in their outlook today will have a huge impact in the years to come. Let's work together to ensure that our students have everything they need right now to make those years a success.
"I firmly believe that every child enters the world with a personality unlike any other's. Our job, as educators and as parents, is not to alter that personality to fit in with the rest of us, but to provide an environment that allows youth's innate talents to flourish, so our young ones can both follow their dreams and serve our world."
" Simerjeet is a world class, dynamic and captivating speaker. They say an inspirational speaker is easy to find, but a motivational speaker that can connect with the heart and soul of the audience and deliver a message with substance and a unique style is really rare. And Simerjeet is surely that rare gem.
I am rather fortunate that I got to meet him personally and have him interact with my school students and parents. One of the BEST ORATORS I have ever heard "
eric Tina Olyai
( Director at Little Angels High School, Gwalior.)
Improving Education
What students deserve from their education.

I believe that what today's students need most are education systems that give them a desire to discover their dreams, the confidence to pursue them and the tools to make them a reality. I structure all of my programs to give educators the tools to bring out the best in their students and to give youth the confidence to rise to the challenge.
I accomplish that by:

Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs

Challenging Self-Limiting Beliefs

When students tune in to their inner selves, they gain the self-awareness and confidence they need to dream beyond the rat race and embrace their full potential.

Youth Motivation

Fostering Creativity

When every student is confined to the same sort of box, growth becomes harder to achieve. I challenge students to evolve by becoming creative problem solvers.

Team Building

Celebrating Individual Strengths

Every classroom isn't comprised of a single class, but rather a group of individuals. Students set themselves up for success by pinpointing their unique talents, and letting those talents guide them.


Developing the Integrity to Take Control

Great things happen when young minds begin to take responsibility for their own success. I remind students that when it comes to building their future, they are in the driver's seat.



Promoting Leadership

Too often current systems teach students how to be members of the herd, rather than stand out from it. The first step in getting ahead tomorrow, is learning how to be a leader today.


Increasing Engagement

Enthusiasm is contagious. This is precisely why we, as educators and parents, should be excited about learning. My hands-on, interactive programs show students that nothing is more exciting than taking charge of their future.

"Totally captivated and awed by the whole learning experience. Mind-blowing!"
eric Gayathri Vedanarayanan
( Manager - Education UK at British Council Division )

What I Believe In

"I believe that what today's students need most are education systems that give them a desire to discover their dreams, the confidence to pursue them and the tools to make them a reality."

My Programs
I design workshops, motivational speeches and custom programs for educators, parents and students. My first step in creating each event is speaking with you to diagnose the best approach to accomplish your specific goals. While each program addresses unique challenges, my approach remains the same.
My Approach
  • Fostering a dialogue rather than holding a lecture
  • Remember to enjoy the ride as we work toward progress
  • Sharing my personal story as an educator and lifelong learner
  • Crafting engaging programs that feed off audience participation
  • Tailoring each program to meet the unique needs of each audience
Programs for Students
Half-Day Workshops, Q&A Sessions, & Custom Programs Sample Topics
  • Self-Realization: Tuning in to their inner GPS amidst the detrimental noise of public opinion and peer pressure.
  • Fostering Creativity: Avoiding the dangers of a groupthink mentality inspired by social media.
  • Planting Seeds for Lasting Change: Small changes in the lives of students today, become monumental in the future.
Get an in-depth look into my programs for youth.
Programm For Students
Programs for Educators
Mini-Workshops (2-4 hours), Keynotes (60-90 minutes), & Custom Programs Sample Topics
  • Overcoming Inertia in the Classroom: Serving as a catalyst that sparks student's motivation to learn and desire to improve.
  • Fostering Creativity: Demanding students think out of the box and be creative problem solvers.
  • Never Ceasing to Learn: Continually adapting our approach to education to meet student's changing needs in an evolving world.
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Programm For Educators
Programs for Parents:
Programm For Parents
Mini-Workshops (2-4 hours), Keynotes (60-90 minutes), & Custom Programs Sample Topics
  • Letting Youth Lead: Creating an environment that allows each child's innate talents to flourish.
  • Being a Role Model: how the most powerful lessons are taught by example.
  • Power of Positivity: Celebrating accomplishments is as important, if not more important, than reprimanding bad behavior.
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Programs for Policy Makers
Keynote Speeches & Custom Programs Sample Topics
  • The Future of Education: How education should evolve to prepare students for an ever-changing world.
  • Outside the Classroom: The effect of Massive Online Open Courses (MOOCs) and role of the internet in changing the educational landscape.
  • Evolution of the Job Market: traditional jobs being replaced with automation and advance of the freelance market.
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Policy For Parents
Recent Education

Recent Engagements with Educators, Parents and Students -

  • -Workshop for Parents in Kolkata and Durgapur for Aakash Institute
  • -Interactive session for Parents at LAHS, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.
  • -Keynote Speaker for various youth events at Gargi College Delhi, IIT Delhi, IIT Jodhpur, NIT Jalandhar, Lovely Professional University Jalandhar.
  • -Faculty Motivational Workshops at GNA -IMT, DAVIET Jalandhar, CT Group of Institutes, Jalandhar; Doaba Group of Colleges Chandigarh; Sagar School, Rajasthan; Spring dale School Amritsar, LPU Jalandhar etc.
  • -Keynote Speaker on 'The Future of Education' at The Macmillan Principals Symposium in Chandigarh.

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