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Why hire a youth Motivational Speaker?
Hire me to inspire young minds to lead an authentic and inspired life.
I coach youth and students to tune into and celebrate their inner selves amidst the noise of public opinion. Students and youth today receive a million messages a minute and too often forget that people they should to listen most are themselves.
I seek to help young minds find their own definition of success and celebrate their inner selves.

You may be planning an international youth leadership conference, an orientation program or an entrepreneurship workshop. You will likely host youth or students who have benefited from the wisdom of mentors, especially their educators who work every day to make sure their students are a little better than they were they day before.

My role is further their mission by providing a fresh perspective, cultivated through working with businesses, educational institutes and non-profit organizations globally for more than a decade. I take what I have learned through working with diverse people of varying ages across the globe; get to know your audience and then deliver the knowledge that will inspire them.
My background is unconventional, as is my approach. Often it is the unconventional wisdom that may speak to youth the most.

I have always believed that success is the courage to imagine how you would like to live your life and the freedom to do the things that give you the greatest sense of joy and satisfaction. This is why I chose to leave a successful career to pursue my dream. In sharing what I've learned in doing so, I inspire students and youth to harness their own power to do the same.

Keynote on Leading a Purposeful Life at the 8th USLS, United Nations.

Roadblocks Today's Youth Face
Today, we rely more than ever before on technology; we're hyperconnected to new worlds, both real and imaged, and have become accustomed to instant-everything. As a result, our youth are connecting with their peers and public virtually while losing touch with their own creativity. An obsession with instant gratification has generated a misconception that the path to success is a shortcut, which is leading many young people to become disengaged and frustrated.
These are some of the issues that have become roadblocks for our youth who are trying to find success:
  • Lack of true self knowledge and acceptance
  • Temptation to make self-defeating comparisons
  • High expectations but low satisfaction with career paths
  • Peer pressure and public opinion
  • Lack of creativity due to a groupthink mentality
  • Lack of motivation and follow-through to take risks
  • Clouding the present with the past's negativity and future's uncertainty
  • Pessimism and self-limiting beliefs

I work with students-in schools to universities to business schools-and youth across countries and cultures. I get to know each of my audiences and tailor motivational talks and workshops to suit their goals, whether those be guiding youth to self-realization, giving them confidence in the power of their dreams, serving as leaders or approaching entrepreneurship.
My Approach

Tuning in instead of Lecturing

I get to know youth then tune in to their worlds, their ambition and their inner conflicts and speak from a place of understanding. Youth who come to my workshops are all active participants. They join me in a discussion about who they are, where they want to go, and how they'll get there.

Simerjeet Experience

Sharing Personal Experience

I've been young, I've struggled, and I've believed in the power of my goals. I share stories about how I've defined and achieved my version of success to inspire others to do the same.

Getting To Know

Getting to Know Each Other

I customize each talk and workshop for my audience, and spend time getting to know participants before and after each presentation.

Sharing Story

Sharing True Stories that Inspire

Many people have given us great examples to follow. Sharing their will to overcome and achieve makes all of our goals seem more tangible.


Having Fun on the Way

I believe we all should enjoy the journeys we're on, so I make sure my audience has a bit of fun on the way to learning something.

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Recent Speaking Engagements as a Youth Motivational Speaker:

  • -Motivational Talks for students at IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi and IIT Jodhpur.
  • -Keynote Speaker at the 4th University Scholars Leadership Symposium, Manila Philippines organized by Humanitarian Affairs, UK.
  • -Inspirational Talk for Emerging Leaders at Borneo Youth Leadership Conference 2014 @ Curtin University, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  • -'Power of Belief' Workshop for students of Aakash Institute, Kolkata, India.
  • -Inspirational talk on Entrepreneurship at Sharda University organized by the High Commission of Malta.
  • -Celebrating ME - Interactive workshop for over 300 students from 30 schools across Delhi NCR at Bal Bharti School, New Delhi.

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