Looking For A Motivational Speaker in USA?

"Simerjeet did an exceptional job at our recent sales leadership meeting. His energy, passion and storytelling, transcended multiple nationalities, cultures and languages and moved the needle to rev us up for a great year."
eric Eric Buhrfeind
Global Human Resources Director, The Aricent Group, Fort Worth, Dallas, TX
During my stint in the hospitality industry, I spent 8 years living and working in 5 different countries. Subsequently, as an International Motivational Speaker since 2007, I have interacted with audiences from over 40 different nationalities. This rich international experience of reaching across borders has enabled me to design and deliver inspirational keynotes and workshops that transcend cultural and linguistic barriers.

"I believe that regardless of whether an individual lives in Europe, the United States or Canada or South America, the issues that supress the full development of human potential are strikingly similar."

My jargon-free message of hope, self-realization, positivity and possibility has a universal appeal and the potential to influence the hearts and minds of your audience to lead a purpose driven life.

It gives me great satisfaction to be able to uplift and the nurture the human spirit across borders. Please reach out to my team today to find out how I can help to inspire your audience to reach their highest potential.

I get to know my audience—their challenges and their goals—and tailor each of my programs with them in mind.
I create keynotes and workshops that spur business growth, inspire youth to tune into their inner selves, and more:
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Employee / Student Orientation
  • Sales Kickoffs
  • Strategy/ Leadership Retreats
  • Executive Workshops
  • Custom-designed Programs
"Simerjeet is a very gifted and dynamic speaker. He gets to the heart of the matter in a very dynamic manner. His engaging style is progressive and enlightening. I appreciate the way he gets people to think outside of the box."
Alex Maggie Debner, SPHR
Vice President Global Human Resources,
IdeaS Revenue Solutions, Bloomington, Minneapolis

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