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"You made us laugh, smile, think, get inspired and you touched our hearts. You certainly have a unique spark and thanks for reminding us all to re discover ours!"
eric Meital Hizkiyahu-Newstead
( Elite Experts Program Manager )
Amdocs Learning & Talent Development

Why hire a Keynote Speaker ?

In short, hire me because I will advance company-wide growth and the personal development that inspires it. I understand the forces that energize your team and fuel positive change because I spent the first 8 years of my career growing businesses across 5 countries. It was in those years that I learned that my greatest strength is motivating others to harness their own.
"How can someone who views their business-their challenges, their talents-from the outside significantly contribute to growth?"

"Because I view your company through a different lens than you do, I'm able to contribute an external point of view that will compel you to further your success or trigger you to overcome a setback.

Because I don't work with you every day, I'm allowed to ask the tough questions. I'm able to boldly speak about what I've learned in coaching businesses to improve for the last 7 years.

When you hire me for a speaking engagement, whether it be for a conference, sales kick off, annual strategy meeting, leadership retreat, workshop or custom event, I will foster a dialogue with you because I believe when our minds come together great things will happen.

Regardless of the nature of the event, my first step is always getting to know your audience what drives them and what challenges them to gain an understanding of your goals and design a program that motivates you to achieve them."

""I believe that before any organization can achieve new results, they must first set out to think and act in new ways.
I specialize in acting as catalyst for this first step-inspiring and coaching your people to think and act differently. And the results follow.""
Simerjit Singh Educational Motivational Speaker

The Road to Growth

I spend my career as a professional business speaker ensuring that you're on the path to growth. I partner with you over the long-term because I know that being on the right path to your goals and progressing down that path are two different things.

"I have heard Simerjeet as a keynote speaker at the IBTM India Conference 2014. Simerjeet delivered a very inspirational and professional speech. It was a great pleasure to listen to his thoughts. He communicated actively with the whole audience."
eric Alexander Hoerne
Vice President Sales at Steigenberger Hotels AG
I Believe In:


Your team is the heart of your company and I understand that their talents-and their happiness-are the driving forces behind your success.



I don't believe in the status quo; I do believe in challenging businesses and organizations to raise the bar to new heights every day to actively avoid stagnation.

The Small Things

The Small Things

I believe in zooming in on the big picture to bring every facet of your operation into focus because I know the little things make all the difference.



I've developed long-term relationships with a growing list of more than 100 clients worldwide. I combine their experiences with my own to help you identify your strengths and implement change.



You and your team members are your greatest assets. This means you already have the tools you need to succeed. I just coach you how to deploy them.

Enjoying the Ride

Enjoying The Ride

I know that success is something to smile about. I also know that you'll achieve it more quickly if you allow yourself to enjoy the journey that gets you there.


The diverse interactive speaking programs, workshops, Inspirational Talks, Keynotes I provide include annual conferences, sales kickoffs, team building retreats, orientation programs, custom-designed programs and more. Let's start a conversation about getting you on the road to growth.
My Approach
I have contributed to the growth of a variety of companies, including start-ups, small and medium enterprises, public sector organizations to multinational corporations, across countries and cultures. I develop programs and interactive learning sessions that are tailored to the individual challenges of my audience-no matter if they are comprised of 25 people or several thousand or they are senior leaders or newly hired executives.

Tailoring Programs for Your Business

I know that no two companies are exactly alike, so I won't propose a one-size-fits-all solution that treats them all the same.

Interacting with My Audience

As a motivational speaker, I don't seek to make speeches, but rather to be a leader as one of many active minds in an open conversation.

Drawing on Personal Experience

I draw on my 15 years-worth of lessons learned first-hand throughout my own career to empower yours.

Inspiring Self-Realization

I use thought-provoking questions, coupled with success stories, as tools that prompt your team to identify and implement their greatest strengths.

Achieving Success through Simplicity

There's no secret recipe to spurring business growth. I teach clients how to actively invest in their own success through simple, time-tested methods.

"We have involved Simerjeet multiple times for our organizational needs. He has lead sessions ranging from a few hours to full day workshops for our Senior and Mid Level Managers.
What works for him is the passion with which he communicates with the audience - it's as if he lives and breathes every word that he says."
eric Shameel Sharma
Managing Director, Kantar's - Global Delivery Centre, Hyderabad
Asia Motivational Speaker

Some of my recent corporate speaking/Training engagements

  • - Guest Speaker at Canon India Support Team Conference - Altitude 2016 held at Vivanta by Taj Dwarka, Delhi
  • - Keynote Speaker at Prestige Estates Strategy Meeting, Bengaluru
  • - Keynote Speaker at 5th Year Celebration of Medical writing Department in GD-GSC, Novo Nordisk Service Centre, Bangalore.
  • - Sales Motivational Keynote for Bayer India at Hyderabad, Amritsar, Jaipur
  • -Business Motivational Speaker at Juniper Networks Partner Summit Dubai.
  • - "Rediscover your SPARK™" - Inspirational Talk at Maruti Suzuki India Limited, Gurgaon.
  • - Keynote Inspirational Speaker at Dell India CSB FRS Annual Meet at The Lalit, Goa.
  • - Keynote Speaker at the Amdocs Elite Experts Employee Award Conference, Pune and Israel (via Video Conferencing).
  • - Motivational Talk at Intel India Development Centre (IIDC), Bengaluru.
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