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"I had personally invited Simerjeet to talk my newly formed team. The experiences which he narrated & his oratory skills were truly exemplary. The most important piece is that his pitch was not centred on power point abstract topics — they were all real life examples which connect with the people. The team was so jubilant and I am practically seeing the change in my team and their behaviours. A big thanks to Simerjeet in making this happen."
Ravishanker Ravishanker N
CIO — DTH TATA SKY, Bangalore

Working Together for Positive Change

My custom designed workshops zero in on the internal challenges that are hindering the overall performance of your team and take immediate action to resolve them. You'll see changes taking place from the first day of the workshop.

I've spent 14 years setting organizations across countries and cultures on the path to success. In that time, I've come to know that a significant amount of barriers to an organization's growth are internal. Often the day to day grind at the office leaves little room for discussing, let alone solving, internal friction, breakdowns in communication, rivalries and other conflicts that keep your team from cooperating toward a common goal.

In crafting experiential learning events for groups from Callaway Golf to Alembic Pharmaceuticals, I give team members a platform to speak candidly with one another and work toward progress together.

I'm able to couple an objective outsider's perspective with more than a decade of industry experience to quickly diagnose internal conflicts and form an action plan to overcome them.

Whether you'd prefer an indoor or outdoor workshop, or a workshop that builds on a keynote speech or stands on its own, the outcome will be the same: your team will find the momentum that will carry them toward positive change long after the workshop has ended.

Internal Challenges that Stifle Growth

Great teams are the driving force behind any organization's success. By the same token, the internal challenges that individual team members commonly face become roadblocks to success for your organization as a whole. I've worked with organizations worldwide to resolve a myriad of these conflicts: internal

Hear what our clients are saying:

"We not only met but exceeded the objectives we had set for our workshop with Cutting Edge Learning Systems. A great day and wonderful facilitation by Simerjeet and his team. I would certainly recommend Simerjeet and his team for Leadership Development Programs."
Mark Mark Nechita
VP International HR of Callaway Golf Company, USA

A Platform for Growth

Often the internal conflicts that negatively impact your bottom line go unaddressed as team members have no platform to speak openly to make an effort toward resolution. My interactive inspirational workshops solve this problem by fostering honest dialogue in an environment that celebrates teamwork, leadership, creativity, transparency and a can-do attitude. Here's how I accomplish that :

Tailoring Programs to Your Needs

Developing an understanding of your specific concerns is my first priority. I'll speak with you about your goals, then create a workshop that's tailored to achieving them.



Diagnosing the Problem

Intuition that's rooted in years of experience working with hundreds of companies and multiple cultures enables me to cut straight to the heart of the conflicts and issues that prevent your team from performing at their full potential.

Celebrating Diversity

Fostering an Open Conversation

Facilitating a dialogue based on honesty, trust and the desire to grow together lays a foundation for company-wide improvement.

Holding onto the Excitement of Youth

Delving Deeper

Workshops are an opportunity to put a spotlight on issues that receive little attention in the workplace, yet have far-reaching effects.

Welcoming Change

Forming a Concrete Action Plan

After we pinpoint and discuss challenges, I facilitate as team members come together to find a resolution, then begin executing that plan right away.


Celebrating Success

Drawing on My Own Experience

People trust me because I've been in their shoes. Throughout my career, I've met success and I've faced obstacles. In each workshop, I share how I've overcome them.

Enjoying the Journey

Having Fun Along the Way

When it comes to strengthening your team, enjoying the journey you're on together is half the battle. Participants enjoy hands-on, high-energy workshops that use simulations, case studies, outdoor and indoor games and more to make your message come to life.

Enjoying the Journey

Celebrating Diversity

Instead of focusing on what separates a team, whether it be department or pay grade, participants learn to recognize their individual strengths and harness their power to contribute to success of the group.

Enjoying the Journey

Building Momentum

Workshops are the catalyst for change that will soon follow. Each event is simply a precursor to the main event-when numerous individuals come together to achieve one goal.

"Simerjeet is great at what he does. He is a wonderful motivational speaker, he engaged our middle management for a day-long seminar and he infused them with so much energy and enthusiasm, that the team came back really charged up.
His blend of good management & leadership sessions with yoga and outdoor team building exercises is very nicely structured. Being young and energetic, our team was able to relate to him very easily."
Vipin Vipin Bhardwaj
President - Diaspark Inc Global Operations, New Jersey, USA.

Why Host a Team Building Workshop?

Delve deeper into issues explored during a keynote speech or jump right into solving challenges that are stunting the growth of your organization.



Unite Newly Formed Teams

Foster a spirit of openness and excitement among newly formed teams, whether you're welcoming new recruits, expanding operations to a new location or merging teams.


Introduce New Leadership

New leaders can get to know their team, identify future goals and generate the momentum necessary to achieve them.


Bounce Back after a Setback

After a challenging phase, teams may develop cases of low morale. Workshops generate focus and re-ignite passion.


Prepare for Rapid Growth

Align common goals, establish a plan to meet them and celebrate the individual talents that will get the job done.


Customize a Program

Talk to me about how I can tailor a program that achieves your objectives.

case Studies and topics

I've had the pleasure of working with organizations like Callaway Golf, Samsung, Ericsson, Alembic Pharmaceuticals, Tata Communications, Tata Sky, Reliance Communications, NTPC and more over the years.

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