Why Simerjeet?

To attend a program led by Simerjeet isn’t to sit in a lecture hall, but rather to enter into a conversation that prompts you to answer the question, how can I identify my strengths and harness their power to achieve my verison of success?
Whether your goal is to re-invigorate your business, empower your students or unlock your potential, Simerjeet can give you the tools you need to make your goals a reality.

“Through his experience-laced, hard-hitting and highly entertaining approach, Simerjeet inspired each and every one of us to give of our best.”
fazal Tim Cole
EVP Research & Development, Causeway UK
How Simerjeet Brings Out Your Best :

Transforming the complex into the simple.

Learn how to define, then actively invest in your success. Simerjeet shares personal experience, true stories and time-tested methods that uncomplicate your road to success.


Sharing diversity of experience.

Learn from innovative ideas that are as diverse as Simerjeet’s travels and as unconventional as his career path. Hear what he’s learned from 14 years of working with brilliant minds across continents and cultures.

Celebrating Diversity

Speaking the language of possibility.

Often we become too distracted by what should be or what has been to realize what can be. Simerjeet prompts you to focus on what’s possible and let that be the source of your inspiration.

Holding onto the Excitement of Youth

Relating to your success—and your struggles.

Learn from experience—through Simerjeet’s personal experiences and through hearing true stories from people who have set a goal and achieved it with grace.


Welcoming Change

Empowering self-realization.

You are your greatest asset. Simerjeet doesn’t bring a one-size-fits all formula to his programs, but rather asks thought-provoking questions that give you agency over your own success.

Celebrating Success

Getting to know what works for you.

Your goals and your challenges are unique to you. So is Simerjeet’s presentation. Long before he arrives in your city, Simerjeet does research to understand the challenges you face, the goals you hope to accomplish and the cultural context of your community.

Enjoying the Journey

Leading a conversation, not a lecture.

You are the driving force behind your success. Simerjeet encourages your participation, rather than relying on recycled PowerPoint presentations or canned scripts.

Enjoying the Journey

Enjoying the journey.

We’re all happy once we find success; no one ever said we shouldn’t be happy on the way there. Simerjeet shows you that embracing the journey is half the battle.



I get to know my audience—their challenges and their goals—and tailor each of my programs with them in mind. I create keynotes and workshops that spur business growth, inspire youth to tune into their inner selves, and more :
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Employee / Student Orientation
  • Sales Kickoffs
  • Strategy/ Leadership Retreats
  • Executive Workshops
  • Custom-designed Programs
“His energy and passion in delivery combined with the simplicity of his content ensure that everyone in the audience is fully engaged.”
Vijay Rudraraju
Senior Director, Head of Business Excellence, Ericsson.
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