BEFORE you book
QFrom where does Simerjeet travel?
Simerjeet lives in Jalandhar, Punjab, India and holds an Indian passport. His closest airports are Amritsar (ATQ), Chandigarh (IXC) and New Delhi (DEL). Typically, clients can purchase business class airfare for him either from Amritsar, or from his last location. Simerjeet generally travels alone; however, his assistant may accompany him for larger gatherings and select workshops.

QWhere can I see a list of his speaking topics?
Simerjeet specializes in customizing his talks and workshops based on your goals. His signature programs include Accelerating Excellence ™, Succeeding in an Ever-Changing World™, Accelerating Growth™, Accelerating Change™ and Living in Inspiration™. Simerjeet remains open to learning and constantly seeks improvement, but his central belief remains the same: that there is always room for growth, both individual and organizational.

QCan Simerjeet customize a session according to our needs?
Yes. After confirming a time for your event, Simerjeet’s next step is scheduling a time to discuss the context of your event and the objectives that you hope to achieve. He believes getting to know your audience is an essential part of creating your ideal program, keynote or workshop.
QWhat costs are associated with Simerjeet’s programs?
Simerjeet’s fee varies, based on the type, date, and location of the event, as well as on audience size and composition. Contact us now with these details for a quote. After establishing your rate, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your event. The remaining deposit is payable upon completion of the program. Clients based in India must also pay a 14% service tax in addition to Simerjeet’s professional fees. Additional costs include traveling expenses and Visa fees (for international clients). Other costs are detailed in his speaking contract.

QI work for an event management company/speakers bureau. My client is looking for a keynote motivational speaker for a corporate event. I need Simerjeet’s profile to share with my client.
Please email us at and we’ll be happy to email his profile to you. Alternatively, you can also direct your client to our website.

QHow large is Simerjeet’s typical audience?
The size of Simerjeet’s audience varies from program to program. He has spoken exclusively with leadership teams to develop targeted business strategies, designed workshops that host 20 participants, and led conferences and orientations for groups of more than 2,000.
QHow long does a typical session last?
Speaking programs last 90 to 120 minutes. Workshops typically last 4- 6 hours.



QI would like Simerjeet to meet our senior management team before we finalize. Can you arrange that?
Simerjeet is available to communicate with you via phone conferences, Skype meetings or other similar methods of communication.

QCan you provide any references that I can get in touch with?
We’ve put together a list of recommendations on our testimonials page, where you can also find a variety of videos that may help. If you’d prefer direct feedback or would like to speak with someone who has worked with Simerjeet in your city or industry, write to us at and we’ll do our best to arrange that.

QWe run a non-profit organization. Can Simerjeet tailor programs to meet our needs?
We’d love to hear from you. Contact us to discuss what we can accomplish together.
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AFTER you book
QWhat are the audio visual requirements for Simerjeet’s talks and workshops?
Over the course of a decade in public speaking and corporate training, we have seen a lot of things go wrong. So, we’ve standardized certain requirement and procedures to minimize surprises and to ensure a hassle-free session. Once you confirm your event, you will receive an email from us that includes a detailed checklist of AV Equipment, our preferences and procedures.
QCan we record Simerjeet’s program?

Prior permission is required if you wish you record any of Simerjeet’s talks. This is something you can discuss with his manager during your initial phone call so you can agree on terms that will be put into your contract. All recordings, videos or photographs must be shared with us and must be intended for internal use only.


QWhat documents will I need to provide if Simerjeet needs a visa to speak in my city?
Most countries will have their own specific set of requirements, but generally he will need an invitation letter on your company letterhead, as well as documentation of confirmed travel and hotel bookings.

QHow long has Simerjeet Singh been a Motivational Speaker and Corporate Trainer?
Simerjeet has been a motivational speaker since 2007 when he led his first workshop for Tarkia Software. He has since spoken to over 150 groups internationally, including leadership teams, entire companies and student groups.


QWhat did he do before he was a motivational speaker?
Simerjeet spent the first 7 years of his professional career in the hospitality industry, contributing to the growth of hotels and other businesses in Dubai, India, the US and the UK.
QWhat does Simerjeet do outside of motivational speaking?
Apart from speaking and delivering workshops to businesses, government, NGOs and educational institutes, Simerjeet enjoys reading, spending time outdoors, cooking, meditating and pursuing new ideas. He appreciates meeting new faces and spending quality time with family and friends.


QWhat inspired Simerjeet to give up the comfort of his full-time job to pursue inspirational speaking as a full time profession?
Simerjeet learned invaluable lessons during his time spent in the hospitality industry. Perhaps the most important of these was that the key to leading an ideal life is realizing our strengths and getting in touch with our life’s purpose. Simerjeet is now proud to lead a career that aligns with his greatest strengths: helping others find their own.

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