About the event

For the second consecutive year, Trane Ingersoll Rand UAE has requested that the Law of Attraction Speaker, Mr. Simerjeet Singh, be the keynote speaker for the 2017 Middle East and Africa Conference. The conference hosts a diverse multi-cultural audience of service engineers and sales leaders from across the GCC and North African Region. At the picturesque Mangroves resort in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Simerjeet's three-hour mini-workshop titled "Be Magnetic" focused on a central theme of 'Attraction plus Action', and separated into two key segments, titled:
1) Understanding the Inner Game of Magnetism
2) Putting the Law of Attraction in ACTION

With an audience of over 150 members of the sales and service team at Trane UAE, the presentation offered an exciting opportunity for Simerjeet Singh to share his invaluable use of the law of attraction in transforming his own life. Some of the unique and essential advice he shared included:
– An action plan of daily rituals, visualization techniques, affirmations, and more.
– How to become more receptive to new opportunities.
– How to more clearly identify and realize your goals.

The organizers sought a keynote who could teach the sales team how to use the law of attraction to help them achieve happiness and productivity throughout both their work and their life. Simerjeet tailored his interactive workshop specifically for this team, and simplified the basic principles of the law of attraction along with illustrative personal recollections about using the law of attraction to build his immensely successful global speaking business.

About Trane / Ingersoll Rand

Trane/Ingersoll Rand has grown from a small family business into a world leader in air conditioning systems, services, and solutions. However, even while employing 29,000 women and men, they still think of their company as family. They are an extended global family that works in more than 400 locations spread over 100 countries worldwide, including 29 production facilities.
Trane employees are respected industry-wide for their skills and performance in the design, manufacture, marketing, and most importantly, support of commercial and residential air conditioning systems.

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