About the event

Beetel Brightstar India invited Simerjeet Singh to be the keynote speaker in Delhi at their Annual Goal Alignment Meet 2017 (AGAM 2017). Over 250 of their team-members across the different departments, such as sales, finance, accounts legal, etc. attended the event, including the CEO Deval "Dev" Parikh and the CHRO Arun Verma.
According to Brightstar, India represents one of the most promising growth countries out of the one hundred in which they operate. The company has grown at an impressive pace since its inception, and they want to continue the growth momentum that has built up over the years. The primary objective of Simerjeet's inspirational keynote address was to inspire the Brightstar team to be bigger, brighter, and bolder in 2017. That is why they tapped one of the best motivational speakers for sales conferences in Mr. Simerjeet Singh. His enthusiasm and inspiring personal success story would invigorate the team and infuse them with an indomitable can-do spirit.
The audience, full of young, energetic members dressed in bright red t-shirts was one of the most wonderful teams with which Simerjeet Singh has worked with recently. While he designed his speech to inspire and motivate the team, as it did quite effectively, their eagerness and passion for his speech ended up inspiring Simerjeet as well.

About Beetel Teletech Limited, a Brightstar Company

Beetel Teletech Limited, a subsidiary of Brightstar Corp., leads in the fields of manufacturing, distribution, and sale for communication and media devices, enterprise solutions, and IT products. They offer their service across a strong distribution network in India with more than 500 distributors and partners, 10,000 retailers, and 28 warehouses across the country.

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