Videos on Developing an Innovation Mindset

Simerjeet Singh is passionate about innovation, and you can find a taste of that passion throughout his innovation mindset videos.
Innovation is not a special skill available only to a select few. You don't need a fancy educational background or millions in stock options. Instead, innovation is about fostering a mindset of openness, perception, curiosity, risk-taking, and often, childlike wonder.
Humans are born innovative and creative, but suffocating business cultures and societal conditioning can stamp out those skills over time. When we lose our individuality, innovation disappears with it.
As a keynote speaker on innovation, Simerjeet helps you rediscover your natural urge to improve the world around you. Meant for team members and leaders alike, Simerjeet's ideas for developing an innovation mindset offer up simple practical takeaways that can boost your team's innovation quotient, and make innovation a regular part of your business strategy.


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