Looking for a Leadership Keynote Speaker?

Simerjeet Singh knows leadership. For over a decade, as a keynote speaker on leadership, he has coached people on transformational leadership, leadership excellence, emotional intelligence for leaders, innovation and creativity for leaders, and more. Helping leaders improve resonates with Simerjeet Singh because leaders control entire organizations. People rely on them. Leaders have the power to envision real tangible change, and then act on it, improving the lives of everyone under their charge. Throughout his career, Simerjeet has brought his leadership expertise to India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and the Asia Pacific, and successfully communicated his message to a diverse range of backgrounds and ideologies, including pharmaceutical industry leaders, Telecom and IT services leaders, and educational leaders. Everyone can benefit from his forward-thinking and motivational leadership values.

At the annual conference for the All India School Principals Association, Simerjeet found himself speaking to an audience of a thousand school principals at the City Montessori School in Lucknow about transformational leadership in education. While the speech went extremely well, he could not shake the feeling that these ideas had universal potential. This leadership excellence video series cuts live clips of that conference with deeper reflections that expand on Mr. Singh's leadership philosophy. Leaders hold the incredibly important responsibility of ensuring the well-being and performance of their teams, and Mr. Singh's leadership videos can steady you on the path to improved management and more productive employees.


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