Whether you are looking to leave your full-time job and pursue a passionate full-time entrepreneurial venture, or you are an existing entrepreneur seeking inspiration during a difficult time, these videos will transform the way you look at yourself, your business, and your future.

Videos on developing an entrepreneurial mindset

Simerjeet Singh can motivate you to achieve even your most unlikely goals.
As an inspirational speaker on entrepreneurship, Simerjeet shows you how to take your business and your success to a level you previously could only have imagined. This journey begins by recognizing your deepest desires. Think intensely about what drives your passion, and you will form a more profound awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.

Simerjeet has been in your shoes. He has followed his passion and transformed it into a motivational empire. Mr. Singh found that success by championing small and medium enterprises, and to this day, he believes they are the lifeblood of every economy. That is why he has made it his mission to help those business succeed. Over the last decade, Simerjeet has given countless workshops and speeches around the world on how to develop and maintain a successful entrepreneurial mindset, and he is ready to bring that expertise to you.

This line of motivational videos for entrepreneurs draws from that experience and expands it. The first collection is a series of excerpts from live keynotes and workshops Simerjeet has given over the last ten years. The second follows a question and answer format from his eclectic variety of interviews and talks. Simerjeet began his entrepreneurial journey in 2007, and in these motivational videos, he not only shares the experience of following his passion to become a leading motivational speaker, but he also draws upon examples from the life stories of several other successful modern entrepreneurs.


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