Simerjeet Singh believes parenting is simply leadership by another name. However, it is a more complicated and challenging type of leadership than what anyone could find in the workplace
In his videos on parenting, Simerjeet draws upon his extensive leadership development experience, and adapts it into a positive parenting style developed specifically for the modern engaged parent.

His approach?

– Encourage parents to discover their individuality.
– Remove unnecessary, and often archaic, influence from previous generations.
– Build self-esteem within the home and with their children.
– Nurture a growth mindset.
Since 2007, Simerjeet Singh has worked with parents, students, teachers, and policy makers to help them adjust to these changing times. His Positive Parenting Workshops have taken him across the length and breadth of the country, and he has been invited to present his keynotes and interactive workshops to packed auditoriums at some of the country's leading schools and organizations, like Aakash.
Simerjeet recognizes how lucky he was to have parents who always supported his unconventional career moves. In his parenting videos, he reflects on his early life experiences from the dusty streets of Batala through to his successful career as an international inspirational speaker. His tips on parenting offer up the trials and experiences he has faced throughout his life in the hopes that he can inspire a similarly successful path for all who listen.


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